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The Video Group

 Founded in 2021

Since 2021, our video group has been at the forefront of modernizing the deposition process, adapting to the changing landscape of technology and legal proceedings.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become your trusted partner, the go-to video group you can rely on whenever the need arises for a videographer, whether it's for an in-person deposition or a remote session. We aim to be synonymous with reliability, professionalism, and excellence in all aspects of our services.

Whether you require a videographer to capture the nuances of an in-person deposition or to facilitate seamless communication during a remote session, we're committed to exceeding your expectations. Our dedication to quality, confidentiality, and client satisfaction sets us apart as the premier choice for legal video services.

By consistently delivering outstanding results and providing exceptional customer service, we strive to earn your trust and become your preferred partner for all your video deposition needs. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can rely on us to meet your requirements with precision and professionalism, every time.

Christopher R. Arreola

This is our founder of GTLegalServices

Founder of GT Legal Services

I founded this company with a singular goal: to set the standard for excellence in video depositions. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to quality, I've ensured that our company possesses some of the most advanced technology available for capturing depositions.

From top-of-the-line cameras and audio equipment to cutting-edge software for editing and synchronization, we spare no expense in providing our clients with the highest quality recordings possible. Our dedication to staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology allows us to deliver results that exceed expectations and set us apart as leaders in the industry.

At the heart of our company is a belief in the importance of accuracy, reliability, and professionalism. We understand the critical role that deposition recordings play in the legal process, and we take our responsibility to provide the best possible service very seriously.

By founding this company, I've created a platform through which we can deliver on our promise to offer the best in quality for video depositions. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our state-of-the-art technology, ensures that our clients receive nothing but the best when they choose us for their deposition recording needs.

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Our Associates

We firmly believe that to offer the best, we must continually invest in ourselves. By prioritizing ongoing learning, embracing cutting-edge technology, and fostering professional growth within our team, we ensure that we deliver nothing short of excellence in all aspects of our services.

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In a deposition, we maintain professionalism by adhering to ethical standards, displaying impartiality, and facilitating a smooth and respectful environment for all parties involved. By upholding these principles of professionalism, impartiality, and cooperation, we ensure that our deposition services are conducted with integrity and reliability. We strive to be a trusted partner to our clients and a valuable asset to the legal community, consistently delivering accurate and unbiased documentation of the facts.

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